2 Types Of Auto Paint That Can Help You Avoid Needing Paint Repairs

Posted on: 14 April 2015

When something messes up your paint repair job, it's often an excellent time to consider using new useful paint for preventing paint damage in the first place. Here are two types of auto paint that can help you avoid paint repairs in the future.

Self-Cleaning Paint

One of the ways a paint job can get damaged is if rust and other debris build up on it over time. One way to avoid this type of damage is to go with new paint coating technology that makes it so that you just don't have to wash your car at all.

This new technology makes it so that dirt, water, oil and other precipitation just slide right off of it without sticking. This technology is still emerging, but chances are good it will be available soon.  

The technology could help you avoid damage to both your paint job and your car in general by keeping moisture and other contaminants from getting stuck on the car and causing it to rust. It's often better to think about proactive solutions rather than having to worry about repairing your paint job over and over again.

Self-Healing Paint

Another way to avoid having to constantly affect repairs to your paint job is to use self-healing auto paint. That way, despite whatever damages may occur to the paint on your car, the paint will just heal itself, making it so that you don't have to constantly seek out repairs.

The paint works by using a new compound that can rebound after breaks are introduced simply by being exposed to ultraviolet light. The repair isn't completely instantaneous, but it can be fairly quick depending on the situation.

Light scratches usually only take a few hours to heal. You also don't need any extra UV equipment either, since the sun conveniently provides plenty of this already. Your car will have to be somewhere that has access to direct sunlight, however.

For more extensive damage, the self-healing process might take as long as a day or two. The initial attempt at using the paint wasn't well received by consumers since it only had a lifespan of three years. There was also an initial problem where deep damage didn't always heal to the complete satisfaction of people using it.

Still, there's reason to believe that we will see new self-healing paint technologies coming out soon that will fix these issues and improve upon the design.


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