Touching Up Your Paint Job After A Minor Collision: Vital Tips

Posted on: 29 November 2015

When an auto collision results in only minor damage to your vehicle, you may be able to make the repair yourself. This is especially true if a collision results in only small scratches or chips that damage your paint job. In this case, you can generally touch up the paint job without any difficulty as long as you follow certain precautions. Here are some key tips for restoring your vehicle's paint job after a minor collision. 


It's very easy to go wrong when finding the exact color match for your car. Auto manufacturers use a wide variety of paint shades and if you pick the wrong one, the result will be unattractive. To make certain that you obtain an exact match, find your vehicle's VIN number. Typically, you can find it on your car's title and insurance records. 

When you have the VIN number, call your dealership and give it to them. They will then give you a color code that allows you to purchase an exact color match of touch-up paint. 


Before applying any paint, the affected area or areas must be properly prepared. First, wash the car and allow it to dry. Then sand down the places that have lost paint. You can obtain a special type of sandpaper just for this purpose at any auto parts store. 


After the preparation is finished, you may want to apply a primer to the damaged spot. Some paints might not require a primer, so read the label directions carefully.

After the primer, if you have used one, has dried, it's time to apply the paint itself. If the area is very small, you can use a touch-up pen, but for larger scratches, you will need a spray can. Multiple coats might be needed. If this is the case, make sure that you wait until the previous coat has dried before applying a new coat. Once the painting is done, you can finish the job by waxing and buffing the vehicle.

In some cases, the paint may come in separate containers: a basecoat, a mid coat and a clear coat. In this instance, apply the basecoat first and let it dry. Then apply the midcoat. After the midcoat dries, apply the clear coat, which will protect the finish.

When a collision has only resulted in superficial damage to your vehicle, such as taking some of the paint off your vehicle, there may be no need for a professional repair. If the loss of paint is extensive, however, you might want to have the repair done by an expert like one from Black Horse Auto Body Shop Inc.  


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