Maintaining Your Plumbing Company's Used Backhoe

Posted on: 12 February 2016

If your plumbing company has grown large enough to purchase a used backhoe to start performing your own excavation work, then it's vital that you take these steps to maintain your backhoe in order to keep it working well for years to come:

Grease Parts Well But Not Excessively

As you are likely aware, there are many bearings, bushings, pins, and pivot points on your used backhoe that require regular greasing. While you need to check these areas and apply new grease when necessary, it is very important that you do not over grease. If you apply too much grease, then the dust and dirt on your job site will stick to it and work its way down into the metal contacts and joints. This will lead to early mechanical failures and expensive repairs.

Perform Regular Inspections of Your Backhoe

For the safety and security of everyone on your job sites, you should always require your staff to perform maintenance checks on your backhoe before they operate it. Additionally, you should have a licensed heavy equipment mechanic perform regular comprehensive inspections on a regular schedule to pinpoint potential problems before they have the chance to lead to expensive equipment downtime. 

Tie and Secure Hydraulic Hoses

It is not hard for your backhoe's operator to damage its hydraulic hoses if they are dangling down and not secured. By tying and securing hydraulic hoses out of the paths of moving parts and booms, you can help prevent your operators from rupturing the hoses on your backhoe and causing a hydraulic fluid leak that will have to be cleaned up. When you replace attachments, always take the time to reevaluate the hydraulic line paths and ensure the hoses are secured out of the way of any moving parts.

Have Body Damage Professionally Repaired in a Timely Manner

Finally, it is very important that you always have body damage on your backhoe repaired in a timely fashion. If one of your employees damages your backhoe, fixing the damage and re-painting the surface will prevent future problems with rust. Once rust takes hold on the frame of your backhoe, then its colony will grow and you will soon find your equipment needs very expensive repairs. You can avoid most body rust problems by repairing any damage that cracks the exterior paint or clear coat. You can also avoid body rust by washing off any solvents or other plumbing products that get on its body.

For assistance with your heavy equipment repair, talk to a professional


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