Easy Ways To Protect Your Vehicle's New Paint Job

Posted on: 28 March 2016

When you get a new paint job on your vehicle, you often enjoy the bright new colour and the shiny appearance, but unless you take good care of it, that won't last. To avoid having the paint fade, follow these easy paint job care and maintenance tips.

Don't Park in Direct Sunlight

To protect your car's brand new paint job, start by staying out of direct sunlight as much as possible. The sun's UV rays can be disastrous to auto paint, especially in the first few days or weeks after having it done. While at home, try to park in the garage or at least in the driveway if you have some type of cover. However, you also want to be careful not to park underneath trees, as the sap and leaves can also do some damage. You are better off getting a car cover when you can't park in shade without putting your car's paint job at risk, as it lets you park just about anywhere.

Wash the Car Regularly

After you have your car freshly painted, it needs to be washed regularly. The auto body shop will tell you how long to wait before the first wash, then it is important that you keep washing it on your own or bringing it to a local car wash. This will help to remove leaves, debris, bird droppings, and tree sap that can quickly destroy the paint. If you notice any of these things in between washings, just wipe the car off where the dropping or sap is to keep it from damaging the paint. You may need to wash it more often if you live on the coast where there is a lot of salt in the air, or during times of the year when wind picks up and causes more dirt and grime on the car.

Wax Your Car

In addition to washing the car on a regular basis, you also need to apply some car wax. This provides a protective layer over the paint that can help reduce fading and scratches. A good type of car wax is one made of polymer. The auto body shop likely applied a coat of wax after painting your car, so ask them when the next time you should wax the car is. It won't be quite as often as washing your car, but doing it regularly is always a good idea. You can also have a local car wash wax the car for you if you're not comfortable enough with your own skills. 

For more tips, contact a company that specializes in auto body repair services.


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