Taking Care Of RV Collision Damage

Posted on: 4 November 2017

Is the money in your bank account being consumed by hotel fees because your RV was involved in a collision that left it uninhabitable? If the RV was your only home and you are ready to get out the hotel, contact a collision repair shop about your needs. If the RV is taken to the right shop, professionals can bring it back to a habitable condition as soon as possible. Depending on the insurance policy that you have in place for the RV, you might not have to pay all of the repair fees on your own. Consider the suggestions below to get out of your situation and regain use of the RV.

1. Find Out How Much of the Damage is Covered by Insurance

Before getting your RV towed to a repair shop, it is a good idea to ask your insurance provider about your policy. Inform the company about the extent of damage that the collision caused, and ask how much of it can be repaired under the policy. For instance, if the entire back area of the RV was smashed and caused damage to items on the inside, let the insurance company know about it. By knowing the amount of money that can be claimed, you will also know how much of your own money to save up for the repairs. File a claim as soon as possible so the repairs can begin.

2. Think About Changes that You Want Done to the RV

If you have enough money saved up, it is wise to consider any changes that you desire to be done during the time that the RV is being repaired. Although your insurance policy might not cover changes that are not the result of the collision, you should still consider upgrades if they are desired. The collision repair shop might be able to change out the flooring, fixtures, and other interior features in your RV. You can also opt for customized body work if you want to bring more appeal to the vehicle. For example, you might want to get body work done that will make the RV more energy efficient.

3. Find an RV Repair Shop that Offers Multiple Services

Keep in mind that some RV repair shops will only be able to offer a limited amount of services. Ensure that you find a shop that uses the latest technology for repairing vehicles that has collision damage. For instance, stud welding is a form of modern technology that is used for removing dents out of the body of wrecked vehicles. Basically, special studs that have loops are bonded to the metal body of the vehicle that makes it easier to pull the dents out. Ask to see a portfolio of previous work before making a decision on the shop that you want the RV towed to.

Contact a shop, like Chehalis Collision Center, for more help.


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